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The Philadelphia 100® is an annual project conducted by the Entrepreneurs' Forum of Greater Philadelphia.  By tracking the fastest growing, privately held companies in the Greater Philadelphia, we

  • help to spread the word about the economic vitality of the Greater Philadelphia region to spawn, support and grow a diverse group of businesses,
  • place a spotlight on the 100 fastest growing, privately held companies which forms the backbone of the region's economy
  • develop the business acumen of the region by sharing success stories,
  • measure the economic impact these companies have on the economy, and
  • collect vital information that can help elected officials and regional planners to meet the economics needs of the region and to provide an intelligent infrastructure to enhance growth.

History of the Philadelphia 100®

In 1988, a group of entrepreneurial supporters and professional service providers gathered at the Entrepreneurs’ Forum of Greater Philadelphia to brainstorm about how to highlight the contribution of entrepreneurial companies to the region. The result of this brainstorm was the birth of the Philadelphia 100®, a yearly research project to identify the fastest growing, privately held companies.

The original architects of this project included business researcher, Bill Madway, David Thornburgh of the Wharton Small Business Development Center, local venture capitalists, Terry Collison and Tom Penn, and attorney Bill Scari.

The Philadelphia 100® has been an inspiration to other cities and regions throughout the United States. Approximately 10 other cities/regions have consulted with the Philadelphia 100® about how they could start their own 100 list.

In 1998, The Philadelphia 100® compiled a list of the Top 25 companies all-time performers for the first 10 years (based on revenues). At that time, that list of performers were contributing $4.4 billion and employing over 35,000 people.

When these results are juxtaposed against the performance of the Fortune 500 (which have lost 5 million jobs since 1980 according to the National Commission on Entrepreneurism), the importance of Philadelphia 100® companies to the vibrancy and vitality of the region is readily understood.

In 2004, the Philadelphia 100® Hall of Fame was created as a way of honoring those winners who repeatedly made the list. The criteria for this honor is: any company which makes the Philadelphia 100® list of fastest, growing privately held companies five times or more or any person who holds the position of CEO for two or more Philadelphia 100 companies at the time they appeared on the Philadelphia 100 list of fastest growing, privately held companies five times or more. To date, 43 companies and CEOs into the Philadelphia 100® Hall of Fame have been inducted.

About Philadelphia 100®

What started as an idea to bring recognition to our region has emerged as a new standard – a standard of excellence.

The Philadelphia 100® is a merit based program. Only companies that are among the fastest growing, privately-held companies are awarded the Philadelphia 100® designation. The integrity of the process and the resulting list
makes the Philadelphia 100® one of the most sought awards in the region.

Started in 1998 by the Entrepreneurs’ Forum of Greater Philadelphia, The Philadelphia Business Journal and the Wharton SBDC, the Philadelphia 100® has recognized some of the region’s finest companies when they were just beginning to emerge: Mothers’ Work, Fiberlink, Urban Outfitters, Forman Mills, Kremer Laser Eye Center, and Primavera Systems, just to name a few.

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