Candida Seasock - President, CTS Associates, LLC

Founder and President of CTS Associates, LLC, Candida Seasock is a professional mentor focusing on technology companies. Specializing in enabling client growth and management success, Ms. Seasock has developed her own award-winning approach “Growth Path to Success”. This approach is based on targeted business development, strategic marketing, fostering strong and long-term client relationships and implementing 360-degree agility into a company’s processes and operations. She has successfully assisted management teams ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to emerging growth companies.

Ms. Seasock is best known for her work in building high-value market recognition for mid-size companies. She understands how to quickly generate business opportunities, identify revenue streams, and develop marketing cycles. Everything she does is based on sound management and personal ethics principles that differentiate Ms. Seasock from other consultants. She rejects the transactional mentality in business and refrains from working with companies that do not value and respect the inherent human aspect with employees and customers. Ms. Seasock succeeds by becoming entrenched with an executive leadership team in the pursuit of excellence and continuous growth. To confirm Ms. Seasock's approach, many of her best clients have achieved Fastest-Growing company awards in Philadelphia and South Jersey.

Prior to 2004, Ms. Seasock held positions as Partner, VP of Sales, CIO, and VP of Technology Acquisition. She has managed technology projects from evaluation through selection of software and infrastructure. She has delivered solutions for e-Commerce, CRM, and ERP in collaboration with cross functional teams. Her industry experience includes all technology segments of financial services, transportation/logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, and distribution.


·         Our Lady of Lourdes Health System: CHE – East (member of Foundation Board since 2001)

·       GPSEG: Greater Philadelphia Senior Executive Group (member since 2002): Board of Directors and initial member founding group

·         HopeWorks – Executive Board of Directors -2010

·         SIM: Society for Information Management (since 1991): member of CIO Advisory Council,.

·         The University of Pennsylvania Science Program: Executive in Residence (2003-2005).

·         NWCT: Network of Women in Computer Technology: member from 1981 to 2004

·        Rutgers University (BS-Honors): Guest speaker for 2001 Graduation Class of Business School; member of Rutgers’ Leadership Team- Guest Professor Program; Guest Speaker 2001.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, September 25 7:30AM - 10:00AM
CEO Roundtable - What Do You Measure ?

Tuesday, October 16 5:30PM - 8:00PM
Funding Your Growth: What Do You Need When? And Will It Be There?

Tuesday, November 13 5:30PM - 8:00PM
The Path to Growth: How to Leverage Organic and Acquisition Opportunities


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