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Ethan Millrood

As long as he can remember Ethan has always had a great work ethic. Growing up in a big family, the 5th of 7 children it quickly became apparent to him that to independently carve his own path, earn money to buy the things he wanted (and avoid he barrage of older sibling hand my downs) he had to do it on his own. So at 13 Ethan took the initiative to and got a job at a local pizza shop — hired to do all the grunt work the other kids didn’t want to do like sweep and mop the floors, clean the bathrooms and wash the dirty dishes — he embraced his new role and ensured that whatever task was presented to him he did it with pride ensured an excellent outcome. Ethan worked at the pizza shop all through high school and before heading off to college had performed every job at the place and reached the pinnacle, spinning the pizza and managing the store at 17.

What he didn’t realize at the time was his experience at the local pizza shop would lay the foundation and teach him important lessons that would serve him well into the future. This included the importance of being humble, that every job — no matter what it is — is important and to do it proudly, the benefit of knowing every facet of one’s business, that a finished product is only as good as the prep work that goes into it, to set a good example for others and always put yourself in the customer’s shoes. He also was observant, keeping a watchful eye on the proprietors of the business, recognizing how they dealt with failure as well as success and beginning to catch the entrepreneurial spirit.

These traits helped Ethan excel in whatever role he took on — he continued working in the food and beverage business, managing multiple restaurants in New York City while he studied at New York University. One summer home from college Ethan took a job as a telemarketer at a telecom interconnect company called Nobell Telecommunications cold-calling businesses to sell them long distance services and fax machines. Once again, starting in an “entry-level” position in a new field Ethan recognized the opportunity in front of him and excelled at it.

In 1994, after spending years managing restaurants in NYC, Ethan decided to move out of the hustle and bustle of the city and live back home to be near family. Needing a job he looked up the owners of Nobell Telecommunications, was hired back on as an Account Executive and his new career in the field of technology and network services was born.

For over 25 years Ethan has become a dynamic professional with a proven track record of success. He has worked in Telecommunications, Network Services, Infrastructure and Information Technology. Ethan has had many roles including Account Management, Sales, Sales Engineering, Sales Management and today he is a co-founder, Chief Marketing Officer and Partner at GO2.

Technology is ever changing, moving at lightspeed and Ethan has truly benefited from spending “ground-up” time in these fields.  Along the way he has been lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn about technology from basic telecommunication services to current cloud and security services. Ethan proud of the experience he’s gained along the way and  accomplishments achieved.  In the 1990’s while at both Sprint and Qwest Ethan received the prestigious President’s Club achievement in honor of being one of the company’s top Account Executives. He learned the importance of “working smart”, building strong relationships with his customers and network.

In 2004 Ethan joined Expert Technology Associates as a Senior Account Executive. His contributions there helped the company establish itself as one of the leading interconnects in the Delaware Valley region. He helped the company launch a Hosted VoIP division called VoxNet and was introduced to the world of Unified Communications….once again benefiting from learning a technology early-on and that was just establishing itself.  He also focused intently on cultivating relationships with complimentary vendors, making them indirect business partners.

In 2008 Ethan met Travis Ehst and Mike Childs of Computer & Network Paramedics. He established a strong partnership with them as an agent of Expert Technology Associates. Together he worked with them to ensure their customers’ technology needs were holistically met. Along the way we recognized two important things — one that technology was converging. Things that were once separate and distinct network platforms — Data, Voice & Video — were converging. And, that when asking prospective customers who the vendors were that helped them with technology, who were their “go-to” vendors, often times they would learn they had 4, 5, sometimes 6 different companies attempting to integrate their networks.  All the while, causing disruption and unexpected rising costs as business owners frustration and impatience grew.

So, in 2014, the decision was made, Ethan would join forces with Travis, Mike and Computer & Network Paramedics. Realizing that business owners would rather work with an objective and trusted single point of contact instead of dealing with the pain that came along with having to manage multiple biased vendors, a new company was born. Since we always asked prospective clients who their “go-to” vendors were, finding they didn’t really have one, it was decided that the new company would need a new name. In September 2014 GO2 was born. — a dynamic vendor that would help clients in the design, implementation and ongoing support of all their Voice, Data and Video needs. Since its inception, GO2 has been a great success story. It has grown, from its first 8 employees to 36 today and with significant revenue growth.  For the last 4 years GO2 has been a Philadelphia 100 Award winner, an accolade given to the top 100 fastest privately held growing companies in the Philadelphia region.  GO2 was awarded Channel Company’s CRN triple award winner as one of North America’s fastest growing, top managed service providers.

The future is bright for Ethan and GO2 as they continue help businesses grow, support their technology needs and achieve their goals. Ethan knows one thing for sure and that, without strong foundationally beliefs and work ethic, like the ones that were ingrained in him as a teenager that he wouldn’t be where he is today, doing the things he loves and making a positive difference for the people he works with, vendors he partners with and customers he helps.

Today, in addition to being a partner at GO2, Ethan is also a co-host of Executive Leaders Radio Show and on the board of Entrepreneurs Forum of Greater Philadelphia. Ethan is happily married for over 20 years, has son in college, daughter starting high school and loves spending time hanging with his dog Bailey, playing guitar and running.

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